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Hall Green Primary School

Our Aims

School Aims

The aims of the school are the same for all pupils. In a caring, disciplined and happy environment pupils are provided with many opportunities to develop into happy, well-rounded individuals, who have the skills, confidence and knowledge to continue to achieve well when they move on to high school. We believe that in providing this foundation, we will enable our pupils to take their place as responsible citizens in the multi - cultural society in which we live.

We aim:

  • to be a centre of excellence for learning and teaching
  • to provide a welcoming, secure and stimulating environment
  • to expand pupils vision and raise their aspirations
  • to value and encourage lifelong learning in its community
  • to respect the rights of, and care for, each other and their property
  • to embrace new technologies and apply them to learning
  • to develop an awareness and respect for the environment
  • to encourage personal development, responsibility and social awarenes
  • to provide equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, age, religion or disability
  • to recognise and celebrate the culturally diverse nature of our society.

School values

Our values underpin all that we do in school and shared by all our staff:


To create an environment in which loyalty, trust and honesty enable open and productive interaction between all members of our school community.


To recognise and enable the fulfilment of innate potential in children and adults alike.


To actively promote an innovative approach to all aspects of school life, creating opportunities and facilitating new experiences for all.

Our Mission Statement is a Summary of all our Aims and Values.
It is our Focus for all members of our school community, children and adults alike:
your chance to shine