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Maths: Our School Vision

Our overall aim at Hall Green Primary School is to deliver a curriculum which has the personal growth of the individual at the heart of it. Our curriculum aims to enable each individual to develop key skills, interests and knowledge. Each curriculum area supports children in fulfilling our mission statement ‘Your chance to shine’. 

Our school aims/principles

At Hall Green Primary School, we aim to develop the principal aims outlined in the national curriculum (fluency in the fundamentals, reasoning mathematically and problem solving). We do this by providing a maths curriculum that promotes enjoyment of learning through concrete, pictorial and then abstract activities, exploration and discussion. We aim to develop confidence and competence with place value and number facts  to improve rapid recall and give pupils the opportunity to decision make and justify their methodology when problem solving.

Through the teaching of maths, we aim to provide a maths curriculum that cultivates children’s cultural capital and helps children to see that maths permeates the world around us. We hope to foster an approach that encourages them to dive deeper into their mathematical understanding and develop lifelong skills and a thirst for knowledge. They will develop a range of transferable skills such as patience, curiosity, persistence, analysis and much more. With these skills, children will understand that the anything is possible and the possibilities that lie ahead of them are endless.