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As the internet becomes a readily available and mobile source, it is critical that our children are aware of and know how to protect themselves from the many dangers online. It is equally important that you, as our children’s parents and carers, are also aware of the many dangers and risks and how to tackle them should they arise.

Children today have embraced new technologies as a source of information, education and entertainment.  The use of digital technology has been completely normalised by this generation, and it is now fully integrated into their daily lives. They are born into a digital world and grow up surrounded by and emerged in the technology and tools of the digital age.

Their confidence and skills in using this technology is typically high, but their knowledge and awareness of the inherent issues, risks and dangers is usually very low. It is therefore critical that we empower our children to keep themselves safe, be it when crossing the road, learning to swim or when using the internet.

Do you know how to keep your children safe? Do your children know how to keep safe? At Hall Green Primary School we are committed to discussing these serious issues as part of our e-safety curriculum but we can only be successful if we all work together: pupils, parents and teachers.

Have a go at this CEOP parents quiz to see just how switched on you are about the dangers surrounding children when using the internet…

There are some helpful websites and videos, which can offer up to date advice. 

Please click the link below to discover how to set parental controls on a range of devices.