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Hall Green Primary School

Curriculum Map

At Hall Green, we strive to provide every child with a broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriate to their needs. While in Nursery and Reception, the children follow the Early Years Curriculum, Years 1 to 6 work on the National Curriculum.

Since the launch of the new National Curriculum in 2012, we have focussed on developing an engaging and exciting curriculum full of ‘WOW’ experiences. This helps to motivate our pupils and creates a buzz of learning in all corners of our school. As a result of this, our pupils are more involved in their learning and take ownership over the curriculum being delivered.

English and Maths

5 hours of Maths and 5 hours of English take place across the school throughout each week, with certain days allocated for longer maths/English sessions. Where appropriate, these lessons are linked to other topics being taught. In addition to these lessons, there are timetabled slots allocated for guided reading, phonics and lightning maths (short burst, focused lessons to develop reading, writing and mental arithmetic).


History and Geography units have been mapped out across the school year in blocked sessions, which run in chronological time order or seasonally where possible. Sessions are planned and delivered using skill- based milestones that allow for children to gain new knowledge whilst making links to previously taught units. Each new topic starts with a ‘WOW’ event to hook the children in and a ‘Killer question’ is posed near the end to help pupils review and showcase their understanding. 

The Introduction of the Humanities milestones has allowed for freedom in the delivery and presentation of learning to best suit the needs of individual children. This creative approach to learning has supported many of our pupils and allowed many talents to shine through. 

We strongly believe that every young child  should be exposed to the possibilities for career, travel and experience linked to each unit so we try to provide opportunities for this to happen by referencing, researching and discussing them in our Humanities sessions.


Science is taught in blocked units across the school, they are blocked according to season and this means that many year groups cover similar units at the same time to allow for science talk across the school and hopefully at home too, amongst siblings and friends. Lessons are planned and taught from the National curriculum strands and are planned progressively so children build on skills and knowledge learnt in previous year groups.

Each new unit is started with a WOW lesson to hook the children and each lesson is based around a question that the children should be able to answer by the end of it. Children’s science work is presented in large group floor books; giving staff and children freedom to present their work in a way that they wish, it also gives children the ownership of ensuring their work is presented neatly for others to view.

Within our science curriculum we aim to promote transferable skills such as teamwork and communication to help mould our children into confident life-long learners who understand where all of their learning can take them –we discuss the career possibilities within each unit so that the children see how many endless opportunities there are within science.

Physical, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE is embedding within our entire curriculum. It teaches children issues relating to their health and considers areas such as friendship, bullying, disability, road safety, stranger danger, keeping safe, respecting yourself and others, family and how to deal with feelings. Assembly themes are carefully considered to ensure as many aspects of PSHE are delivered as well as throughout the day-to-day life in Hall Green.


PE is delivered by our sports coach who also runs after school sports clubs for every year group from Reception upwards. PE is taught every week to every child.

Music and Art

Music and Art are specifically taught by our Music and Art teacher every week. In addition to this, Year 3 pupils learn ‘Steel Pans’ and a number of children learn an instrument through 1:1 lessons with a Sandwell music teacher. Lessons for these are once a week and held in school.

Religious Education

At Hall Green, we follow the Sandwell agreed syllabus for RE.


Our chosen modern foreign language is Spanish. KS2 pupils have an allocated time each week to learn Spanish, whilst KS1 and Early Years pupils are encouraged to use Spanish for everyday things such as answering the register.

For further information about our curriculum, please refer to the tabs to the left which give more detail about the topics and lessons we teach. Alternatively, if you require further details then please don't hesitate to contact the school directly.

Here you can access our whole school curriculum map for History, Geography, Science and Computing