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Hall Green Primary School

Day 4- Our final full day in the eyes of Lola, Oviya and Abbie

Our penultimate day. We don't want to come home but the teachers certainly do!

On day 4 ,in Mr Falconer’s group, we had the massive challenge of conquering THE WALL OF ROCK CLIMBING…  We had to climb a mammoth-sized rock climbing wall and once we got to the top we took a leap of faith towards the ground. By the way, we were tied up in ropes and harnesses.  Tree climbing was fun, although Mr Falconer did kind of break the step.  Not as many people mastered this obstacle.  We had a few people who did succeed like Taylor and went onto climbing the tree blind folded!

Mountain biking was one of the harder tasks since you had to balance, know where  you’re  going and face a few minor obstacles. A few people didn’t know how to ride at first but after persevering most of them were riding in the end. Unfortunately clumsy Chloe decided to get her trousers stuck and fall off.

Once we had finished all of the activities we did something called bush craft. Now, you may be reading this and wondering “what in the world is bush craft?” Well my friend let me tell you. Bush craft is the art of taking nature/greenery and turning it into something that you can use to help you survive. Now, in the 20th century and onwards, we just rely on electronics and modern day luxuries to sustain us but, do we really think about back when they had none of that? We had to build a shelter out of sticks and then cover the whole den in things that could make it water proof, for example moss. YUCK! We also learnt how to create a fire in many different ways and the one we used was called a striker. (It is the man-made version of flint and stone.) To get it to work you had to push them hard together and then strike down as fast as a cheetah- creating sparks. We used these strikers to gradually build up a miniature fire of cotton wool. We then cooked a piece of bread which actually tasted of naan bread- which we had for tea with our curry. Luckily, the chefs had cooked the naan breads and we didn’t use the ones we had cooked earlier!

During the evening, we played multiple games of tracker which you may also know as hide and seek tag, had hot chocolate and watched a movie. The movie was Turbo and it was about a snail who had a dream of racing. Tracker was fun but before that we played a game called 101 QUESTIONS. This game involved different questions where we had to work as a united team. We were given the option of who our partner was. We had to answer a tonne of questions and for extra points we had to sing a song. Mr Falconer started to sing a song called 'into the woods'. It was very funny.

In conclusion, we had a good time and loved it. We were very sad that we had to leave but look forward to going back home to our families. We will be back roughly around half past two. A text will be sent when we are closer to home.


Year 6 and the staff.