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Hall Green Primary School

Day 3 in the Frank Chapman House

We’re slowly chipping away at our time in foreign territory. We’re stocked up on sweets and have only eaten one bag so will have plenty of sugar to fuel our hyper return to society!

It is the home stretch for the teachers, the bags under their eyes are growing but the children do not seem to be missing home at all. After an early night’s sleep, the children were refreshed and ready for a trek all the way to Bewdley and back. The promise of sweets and chips seemed to be enough to overcome the 3 mile walk in to the centre.

Breakfast was the usual cereal and toast but today we had the hot option of scrambled eggs. Normal morning routines and then off we popped on an adventure through fields, forests, woods and country lanes. Surprisingly, there were very few moans! Sugar is enough motivation for anyone! There may have been a few slips in a couple of muddy patches yet spirits were still extremely high.

Arriving into town, around 12.30, we sat down alongside the river with 15 large bags of chips, our cobs, sausage rolls, a flapjack and fruit. It is fair to say that we were truly replenished. The only problem is that we had to walk back- this time it was UPHILL! Can you guess what happened next? Moans. Direct quotes included: “Can we get an Uber?”, “Can I have a piggy back?” and “I’m never walking again!”

All in all, we walked around 6 miles. Fairly good going but it means they can start walking to school more often, no excuses. On our return, we feasted on sausages, mash, vegetables with gravy or jacket potato. Pudding was delicious- treacle sponge and custard. With it being a tad colder this evening, our evening activities were indoors. As we are writing this, the children are rotating between watching a film, snacking on some of their sweets, visiting the gift shop and all children will be showering.

We are hoping for an early night so we have the energy to have a brilliant last full day back on our rotation of activities. We are also being joined by Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Paddock for dinner which will be nice.

Year 6 and the staff