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Hall Green Primary School

Frank Chapman Day 2- A day to reach new heights

Today was a day when children reached new heights, pushed boundaries, acquired new skills and truly challenged themselves. They have done Hall Green, their families and themselves proud!

Waking up on a brisk, autumnal morning away from your parents clearly is something that nobody needed to worry about. The children had a great night's sleep and woke up after a few terrible tunes from the teachers to prepare themselves for their first day on rotation.

Following morning chores, breakfast (cereal, toast, with jam or beans, and fruit) and layering up to face the wonderful weather, the children were briefed on the day ahead.

Groups 1 and 2- Mr Falconer's and Miss Thomas's groups were on the high ropes

Group 3- Mrs Loach's group were on tree climbing and abseiling

Group 4- Mrs Plose-Joyce's group were on mountain biking.

(We do not want to give too much away as we want your children to regale the stories when they return.)

Lunch followed- a selection of cobs that the children personally chose and cheese and crackers.

A little free time and then onto activity two of the day.

Group 1 (Mr F) were on the mountain bikes.

Group 2 (Miss T) were on tree climbing and abseiling.

Groups 3 and 4 (Mrs PJ and Mrs L) were on high ropes.

It is fair to say that every children accomplished more than they could ever have dreamed of. Children learnt to ride a bike, even taking it off road into the woods. Children reached the tops of trees beyond your imagination. Children stood on top of a tower single-legged whilst the wind blew a gale. 

A special mention must go to two of our children, Jaya and Kyle, who equalled the record set by any visitor to the centre in standing upon 21 crates in the crate stack. 

Tea was delicious! Spag Bol or jacket potatoes. That was followed with fruit or jam tarts.

An evening activity of a similar game to 'fox and hounds' just to burn off the extra calories ended the day.   As we speak, all the children are settled peacefully in bed, safe and sound, ready for our excursion out in search of chips, sweets and Bewdley. Keep your fingers crossed for a late Autumn heatwave. 

Year 6 and the staff!