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Hall Green Primary School

The Beginning of Our Frank Chapman Adventure

A safe arrival, new skills gained and a record set for the quickest nighttime settling!

You will pleased to hear that we have all arrived safely and in good health. Children soon became accustomed to their temporary home for the week. It is a pleasure to see them all in a new environment. 

Once we had arrived, the children were sent off to find their dorms and begin unpacking. Now the real test will be when they decide to repack and if we come back with all clothing and items. They have made their beds and passed their initial inspections. Following this, we had lunch. This consisted of freshly made ham or cheese cobs, fruit and a delicious wedge of iced cake. 


After Lunch, we set off in our new groups for the week and began team building. We had to earn points to be able to spend on supplies to protect our eggs in the big egg launch. Team 1, Team 3 and the teachers managed to successfully save their eggs from a two-storey egg-drop. Truthfully, I think the teachers had an advantage. 


Tea was delicious! We had a choice of fish fingers or chicken nuggets with chips and beans. Or if that didn't tickle your fancy we could always have the option of jacket potato, cheese, beans and anything off the salad bar. Pudding was either jelly and cream, fruit or yoghurt. 


That was not the end of our day; we had a nighttime walk and got to explore the depths of Frank Chapman's grounds. It is fair to say it was a tad muddy. Back to the centre to fill our stomachs with hot chocolate and biscuits before our usual bedtime routine of showers, brushing teeth and getting comfy.  Following a little downtime, reflecting on our first day, the teachers came in to read our stories that we have been reading in school before we went to sleep. 

Check back in with us tomorrow to find out more as we start our rotation of activities!

We hope you are enjoying the peace and quiet.


Year 6 and the staff.