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Hall Green Primary School

Year 2

What a super first half term Year 2 have had!

In English we have been exploring different skills and developing descriptive vocabulary. We have explored several stories including ‘My mum and dad make me laugh’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Up’ and most recently, ‘Cliffhanger’. In maths we have been focusing on place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication and have spent a short time looking at pictographs too! We have had lots of fun in Science investigating, describing and sorting materials. The children planned and carried out their own investigations about different materials and their properties with great success. This half term it has also been Year 2’s turn to complete an ‘Outdoors’ project. The children have loved being outside come rain or shine and our waterproofs and wellies have certainly been put to good use! We have looked at our school grounds and decided on how we could improve the area. The children had a wealth of ideas and we have attempted to complete as many as possible. We have created colourful doors, garden gnomes and stones to decorate our outdoors. We have dug up the school planters and re-soiled them ready for Spring Term and we are currently working on creating activity boards for the children to use outdoors. It’s been great fun!

We are looking forward to next half term when we will tackle our new topics ‘Boom! Bang! Bomb!’ and, ‘One Small Step’ where we will look at historical events such as World War 1 and the moon landing.