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Hall Green Primary School

Frank Chapman Day 4- Reaching New Heights

A day back on rotation, lovely weather and plenty of food.

After Miss Heng had joined us for tea and children had a great night’s sleep, the children were ready for a physical day of activities. 


Children awoke and got their things ready for the day around 7:15 - a lie in for them this week. A quick whip around the rooms to tidy up and windows open to let in some fresh air. For our morning meal we had a special guest on the staff table- Olivia T. She had been an awesome table mate and eaten three potato skins to prevent waste. Not to be outdone by her other teammate Katie B who also helped out and joined the staff for tea. Breakfast was sausage, beans, toast, cereal and fruit. 


The day was  two activities for each group that was split by lunch. Lunch was a choice of cobs, fruit and crackers. 


Mr F’s group did tree climbing/ abseiling and high ropes.

Mrs L’s group did mountain biking and tree climbing/ abseiling.

Mrs P-J’s group did bushcraft and mountain biking.

Mrs G’s group did high ropes and bushcraft.


it is fair to say children and staff all pushed their boundaries. There were tears of joy and achievement when individuals had surpassed the targets and continued on. Teamwork galore was evident. The encouragement some children have given others would melt your heart. Really did round off a wonderful week.


With it being Thursday, quite a few children were becoming weary; however, that did not stop them giving their all to a few team games in free time.


Dinner followed a little free time and it was meatballs and pasta accompanied by salad. Pudding was artic roll and jelly. 


Following dinner, it was thought it was best to start packing all their dirty clothes to make the morning easier. Children visited the frank chapman shop to purchase some momentoes of their weeks. All was packed in their bags with any remaining money and sweets. 


Night time activities were were certainly exhausting! A whole year group one and half game of capture the flag- red team emerged victorious. This was not the end. Children had a short break for hot chocolate, squash and a biscuit then it was back to it. A night time hour of tracker/ acki 123 as the sun was setting! 


After the excitement of all this children went soundly to bed and were out like a flash. For breakfast this morning, Italya N will be joining us for being Hall Green’s shining light throughout the week! 


Children are now up, finishing the last part of packing, doing their normal morning routines and then going to be going for breakfast. Once suitcases are complete, children will take part in a whole year group woodland orienteering prior to burgers and hot dogs for lunch. After this, children will be on their way back to Hall Green and a text will be sent when we are expected to be back. You are welcome to meet us at school to welcome us home.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed your week of peace and enjoyed a little insight to your children’s week. Your children have really been brilliant and should be proud of every single thing they have achieved. Overcoming nerves about sleeping away from home, leaving technology, perseverance shown to overcome fears, etc. Every child has done it!


From the Year 6 children and staff.


See you soon!