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Hall Green Primary School

Day 3-Frank Chapman- A sweet trip to Bewdley!

An updated version with the help of Joe, Macie and Lily-May.

Today was a day full of sugar, chips on the river front and a lot of fun! 


It all started around 7 this morning. Children are now into their morning routines. Yes, they have had to do chores so don’t let them slack when they get home! This was followed by cereal, scrambled egg, bacon, tomatoes and toast. The children then got ready for their day.


It was a different kind of challenge they faced. A countryside walk/ trip/ trek to Bewdley. Children tasted nettles and wild garlic along the way. Some children clearly haven’t walked a long way as when they got to town they gobbled up the chips that the teachers bought them. After the chips had gone down, the children went to the old sweet shop- Teddy Grays. They were allowed to eat one bag and the rest is coming home so you can have hyper children to! The only problem once you walk somewhere is that you have to walk back. This time it was uphill. 


About 1530, we arrived back to the centre and had a massive game of tracker/ acki. We obviously had to run off our junk food.


Dinner followed. It was chicken or veggie pie or jacket potato. Pudding was either fruit, yoghurt or treacle sponge with custard. 


This is was not it for the children. They went on another muddy walk. I mean muddy! Caked from head to toe in mud and clay the children just had to have a water fight to clean off! 


Around 2030, children showered to ensure they were gleaming. Children had hot chocolate and were all exhausted so were fast asleep before 2200. 


Today, we are back to rotations of activities. 


Have a good last day without your children!