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Hall Green Primary School

Frank Chapman Day 2- A day of pushing boundaries.

Day 2 in the madhouse!

After a little later night than usual (all the excitement for both children and staff), children had a great night’s sleep and were ready to attack the day’s activities. 


Before showers and their late night, children explored the muddy realms of the forest. By explored we mean they may have been caked in mud head to toe! They all returned safe and enjoyed it. They are now clean, we promise. 


Throughout the week, the children will all take part in a carousel of activities. I don’t want to give too much away but every child will do each activity. Ask them about it when they get home- I’m sure they’ll be full of beans and tell you! Here’s an overview:

Group 1- Mr F’s group had bushcraft and mountain biking through the woods. 

Group 2- High ropes and bushcraft. Mrs Loach’s group.

Group 3- Abesiling, tree climbing and high ropes for Mrs Plose-Joyce’s group.

Group 4- Mountain Biking, abseiling and tree climbing for Mrs Gilbert’s group. 


We’ve had children learn to ride bikes or get back on the bike, face fears, reach new heights and, most importantly, forged friendships on the foundations of teamwork and encouragement. 

The children have certainly eaten well!

Scrambled egg, cereal and toast for breakfast.

Choice of cobs for lunch.

Sausage, mash and veg for tea.

Drinks, fruit and biscuits have been made available throughout the day also.

The weather has been gleaming, let’s hope it stays like this.


Children are having a little free time before we go for our evening activity of 101 questions. It involves children exploring the site to find solve the problems set for them. 


Enjoy your rest! 


Year 6 and the Staff