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Hall Green Primary School

The Dog Whisperer

Last night, one of our teachers spent 45 minutes lying under a bush...but for a very good reason!

After school, while many members of staff were shovelling soil into our new garden sleepers, a stray dog made an appearance at Hall Green.

At approximately 5:15pm, a black and white husky dog made its way through the staff car park, clearly agitated and hid in a bush. Miss Webley realised what was happening and dug her way through the bush and lay down to try and comfort the dog.

After 45 minutes the dog came out, and then Miss Webley, Mr Falconer and Mrs Loach took the dog to the vets to get its microchip scanned.

Out of date information meant that the owners could not be located so Mrs Loach volunteered to house the dog overnight.

The power of social media meant that within a couple of hours,  the owner was located and they were successfully reunited.

Well done and thank you to all staff involved!