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Hall Green Primary School

Penultimate day at Frank Chapman

A day of heights, bikes and wilderness.

Children rose bright and early, they were clearly grateful for an earlier night. Plenty of cereal, fruit, tea, scrambled egg and toast for the demanding day ahead was in order! After a short briefing, everybody began on the final two activities of their rotation. Group 1 had climbing and high ropes, group 2 had mountain biking and climbing, group 3 had bushcraft and mountain biking and group 4 had high ropes and bushcraft. The activities were separated by lunch as always and the children were rewarded with a little free time. 


After pizza, chips and cheesecake, it was time for a mass game of hide and seek which the children thoroughly loved. Showers and general cleanliness followed by a little bit of packing was next on the agenda. I’m afraid to say parents but I don’t think many children want to come home! 


Final bits of of packing to follow and then one final activity to round off a wonderful trip. 


We we will be aiming to arrive home around 2:30pm and you are more than welcome to collect your children from the front of the hall when all things have been distributed. I hope you’re looking forward to listening to all the memories that have been made,


Mr Falconer, Mrs Loach, Mrs Plose-Joyce, Miss Baines and the children.