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Hall Green Primary School

Frank Chapman Day 3

A whole year group outing to Bewdley

Hand on heart, I think the 7am wake ups are getting easier for the children! Children were up and ready for breakfast for 8. Cereal, toast and spaghetti hoops. After breakfast, it was the morning meeting and children were briefed on the day. 


After a short walk through the wilderness- a short 3.5 mile walk- children had a nice amble down the riverside. When we had found a nice place to sit and admire the scenery, staff went off to fetch the first treat of the day- Merchants chips. There were grins from ear to ear when we arrived back and that was just the staff! Nice chips, chip butties and cobs. Before we explored further, children were allowed to purchase some sweets from the traditional sweet shop- Teddy Grays. After a quick trip to the museums and gardens, we were back on the journey to the centre. On the walk back, we gave the staff a snippet of our leaver’s song and some awful renditions of other popular music. 

Shortly after arriving to centre, we had a visitor for tea- Ms Heng. Children shared their stories over dinner and a cup of tea. It was a nice welcome visit from home for all. 


Chicken tikka,  Veggie tikka or Jacket potato for dinner which was followed by jelly and ice cream or fruit. Following a little free time, it was decided to have a more relaxed night watching Toy Story- which was accompanied with hot chocolate and a biscuit. An earlier night followed with a book, a few card games and quiet chatter. 


Children have woken up feeling more awake and full of energy. It is the last day of activity rotation: high ropes, climbing, biking or bushcraft. Let’s hope for a nice sunny day and plenty of fun.


Mr Falconer, Mrs Loach, Mrs Plose-Joyce, Miss Baines and the children.