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Hall Green Primary School

Frank Chapman Day 2

A day filled with mud, water and excitement.

A seven o’clock wake up may be a new time of day for some children but I think they’re glad they got up. Children began the day with normal chores which I’m sure you are glad of. Your children can now make their beds, fold their clothes and actually hang up their towels. Afterwards, it was breakfast time. Cereal, toast, scrambled egg, juice and tea- what a way to start the day!


Even more chores lay ahead for the children but they were rewarded with free time. Around 9:30 activities began. As I previously said, children will rotate through bushcraft, high ropes, climbing and mountain biking. I will not give away too much and let your children fill you in when they arrive home. I will however proudly announce that four children have successfully learnt to ride a bike today. 

We returned to the centre for lunch of cobs, juice, fruit and some delicious cake. Then, off we set for our second activity from our rotation of four. After a little debrief, children were rewarded with more exercise and free time to continue to build friendships and make memories. 

Sausage and mash, a British classic for tea, followed by Angel delight. 

Our evening activity certainly was refreshing for all! Children went on a walk: exploring the scenery and woods behind the centre. Of course, children being children, we found mud. Children and teachers were covered in mud. Some children spectated and some children fully participated. Laughs were had by all and then it was back to the centre to another bit of fun with water. 

After demudding, children had a supper of hot chocolate, squash and a biscuit then off to bed. All children were tired by the end of the day and have drifted off to sleep. Hopefully, after a night of rest, the children will be refreshed and ready to face our long walk tomorrow. 


Mr Falconer, Mrs Loach, Mrs Plose-Joyce and Miss Baines