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Hall Green Primary School

Year 6 at Frank Chapman

Yesterday, all children and staff arrived safely and settled into their home for the next week. 

Shortly after arrival, children set up their rooms, unpacked and explored the boundaries of the site. Children were, and still are very excited. After having lunch, children found out their groups for the week and their activities then they set out for some team building activities. 


Children had to build shuttles for eggs, negotiate obstacle courses and save a float from a hole-filled tube. The children are all certainly in high spirits.


At bedtime, children settled well and it has been quiet through the night. At around 7am children will be woken up to freshen up and then set up for breakfast. Our days, today and Thursday, will consist of the groups rotating through the activities: mountain biking; climbing; high ropes; and bushcraft. 

As the internet is poor here, we will be inviting parents in after the trip to show photos on a slideshow instead of uploading them onto the website.


Enjoy your peace,


Mr Falconer, Mrs Plose-Joyce, Mrs Loach, Miss Baines and the children of Hall Green