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Hall Green Primary School

Science Club Week 1

Today was the first of our Science Clubs! The children came in excited and couldn’t wait to start. This week we thought like scientists and thought about what a Dentist would say as we looked at toothpaste; the ingredients, the brand, price and whether or not these have an effect on how good the toothpaste is. The children worked in small groups and decided what they wanted to investigate. Some brushed their teeth to test the minty-ness and the froth they made, others used old plates and permanent markers to see how well they could clean stains on our teeth!

The children found that although the branded toothpaste did clean slightly quicker they didn’t think the £1.50 difference in price was worth it as the own branded toothpaste did still clean just not as quick. The children also preferred the mint flavour of the cheaper brand as the branded they said was too strong!

We look forward to seeing the children again next week for another investigation!