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Hall Green Primary School

Year 1 - Autumn Update

Year 1 have said a fond farewell to Florence Nightingale after a fantastic finish.  We had a Victorian afternoon, with a tea party, learning in a Victorian school with a very scary teacher and looking at Victorian artefacts.  We thought the potty was very funny! 

Then we began to learn about how our seasons change.  We have enjoyed our text  ‘Seasons come, Seasons go Tree’ by Britta Teckentrup.  We have described the changes to the tree and the weather, writing and performing some amazing acrostic poems.   We have gained knowledge about hibernating animals and written a report to share our new knowledge.  We have used our expressive dance skills to perform to seasonal music.

We have been very busy designing our own Christmas cards on Purple Mash.  By researching real cards and symbols from the designs, we have drawn our own using the tools.