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Hall Green Primary School

Year 3 - Autumn Update

Year 3 continued the Autumn term with a focus on two huge historical moments in time, the first being The Stone Age.

Children thoroughly enjoyed reading The Stone Age Boy in Literacy, discovering about the adventures a small boy has when he falls down, down, down into a hole and wakes to find he has stepped back in time.  We learned about chronology and how to order key events correctly, along with a Marketplace all about life as a Stone Age Hunter-Gatherer.

This topic was swiftly followed by that of The Tudors, which has completely captured our imagination in Year 3! 

It began with an awesome trip to The Oak House in West Bromwich, where we became rich or poor Tudors for the day, learning  about day to day life.  We have loved finding out about the Tudor monarchs, in particular the life of Henry VIII.  Did you know that he had 6 wives?  Did you also know that he played the Lute and the Harpsichord? 

In Maths, we have covered both Multiplication and Division.  It’s been brilliant problem solving and learning new written methods such as short multiplication and the Bus Stop method.

In RE we have enjoyed learning about Hinduism.  We understand how they worship one God who has many different names depending on the job. We have loved finding out how and where they worship.

In Computing we created our own animation on the computers, which has been completely brilliant!  There are definitely budding programming stars of the future in Year 3!

On behalf of all staff and children in Year 3, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and can’t wait to see what Spring Term brings!