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Hall Green Primary School

Black Powder, Frank Chapman and Hall Green Hunger Games- what a half term for Year 6!

This term has been an eventful one for Year 6: it has involved a week off timetable focusing on our topic Black Powder, a week away for most on residential at Frank Chapman and our geography topic, Hall Green: The Hunger Games. I think if you speak to the children it certainly has been a busy half term with plenty crammed into the seven weeks that we have had.

Our topic of Black Powder was linked directly to the historical event of the gunpowder plot. This was a hotly debated topic in which we whittled down all the possible conspirators to decide on our prime suspect. The answers were not as clear as some may have originally thought. This week had lessons planned linked to all areas of the curriculum. First of all, the children applied their DT skills and created their own ‘Guys’- using natural resources from our school grounds -you may have spotted some life-like figures lying motionless on our bank of grass! The children then created, wrote up and performed news broadcasts breaking the treasonous act to the public which can be seen on their Seesaw accounts. After that, our pupils looked at maps of the area local to the Houses of Parliament to see which areas would have been affected if the plot were successful. They used and applied maths to decide whether they would be able to escape the blast radius in the allotted time. The children used mathematical vocabulary such as circumference and used a compass to plot the blast radius of the plot. Alongside this, we had a long debate, following the judiciary process, to decide who was responsible for the plot. In 6W, it was decided that Robert Catesby was the prime suspect; however, in 6F, it was decided that Guido Fawkes was truly responsible. This is still hotly debated as some did disagree with both claims. Other noticeable mentions were King James I and Queen Elizabeth I. We also had lessons linked to PE, competing in escape and evade games, and art sessions, using charcoal to recreate the famous conspirators sketch.

Our week on residential was truly a character building week for staff and the children. It was the coldest residential in Hall Green history. Children accomplished things that they couldn’t have dreamt of achieving. We are all very proud of them. If you want to hear more about the residential read the previous articles posted on our website.

In maths, we have focused upon fractions, decimals, percentages and measurement whilst also boosting our arithmetic skills with daily practice and lightning maths.

Our new book for the remainder of the term is The Hunger Games. Children have invested into it fully and we have linked our geography topic directly to it. In Literacy, we are writing an extended narrative linked towards the start of the games and focussing on specific grammar and punctuation skills. Within our geography sessions, we have looked at map skills, using grid references, becoming cartographers and creating our own landscapes, all linked to the Hunger Games and Panem. Some of these skills were tricky to grasp at first as they were brand new; however, through determination and perseverance, everyone made great progress. We are slowly building up to our fantastic finish, which is something that we will let your children tell you about when they have completed it.

In the last two weeks, we are continuing to write our extended narrative, focus on measurements and time, performing in our Christmas concert, having our two days linked to a reading challenge and finishing our movie trailers using iMovie. We hope for the great start to the year continues after the festivities.

Enjoy your break and Merry Christmas.