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Hall Green Primary School

Autumn 2 Update - Year 4

Autumn 2 has been a busy half term for year 4 with some amazing learning and activities happening.

In Literacy the children wrote a dilemma story based on the story ‘Balaclava Boys’ and their own version of the story ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’. In Numeracy, the new chapter was all about multiplication and division, children have been learning their division and times tables’ facts to 12 and using these skills to solve word problems, multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by a one digit number.

ICT has been very important as we have been looking at how to use the internet safely and linking this to anti-bullying activities, especially cyber bullying online. The focus for RE has been Sikhism, their beliefs and ways of living. As well as this, children were able to visit Hope Church and listen to the Christmas story, making a fantastic craft project including a sheep and an angel and receiving a gold chocolate coin to take home. In Topic we have been looking at the features of rivers, how the water cycle is a continuous cycle that has been happening for millions of years and the differences between renewable and non-renewable types of energies. The children even conducted an experiment using a filtering system to produce clean water to drink.