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Frank Chapman 2021

A day of adventure and challenge!

Morning all! 

We're all awake and had a great nights sleep (maybe not the staff!), much better than the first night. I think we owe that to the children working so hard on their activities.


Today's weather isn't looking so glorious, and we have an all-day excursion exploring the wilderness and trundling to the local town. Children will be fully waterproofed up.

There are rumours circulating we might even load up on sugary goodness from the local traditional sweet shop. Don't worry parents we will save a bag for the coach back, so they are hyper upon return for you! 

We have a new arrival in Miss Webley today who is replacing Miss Baines in our planned midweek swap over. We also have a planned visit from Ms Heng for dinner upon our return from our day out.


We aim to update the website whenever we can and if I get enough signal, I promise I'll put a picture or two on here as well.


Rest assured that everyone is happy and cheery albeit missing home a tad but making many memories.


Last of all, please can you all partake in a sun dance or two.


Take care,

Year 6