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Hall Green Primary School

Hall Green - Just a nice, new building or much, much more?

Over the next 5 weeks we will discuss our first impressions of our new school building. We will blog about our thoughts and feelings and answer the question: Does a building make a school? Or is there more to it?

Thursday 7th January 2016

When we came back to school on Tuesday it was nice and fresh inside. It made me feel comfortable when I got here. The stairs are cool and I like the outside of the building. There are lots of rules to try and keep the new building clean too. I like that we have sinks in the classrooms because when you need a drink, you can get one from the sink.  

Written by Bartosz


I felt nervous and excited when I first came back. It is a really pretty and bright building, much better than the old building. Even though we are in a new building, it is still Hall Green. I would call it Hall Green 2.0, like an upgrade.

Written by Charlotte


I was worried about coming back to school after Christmas, I thought that the upstairs was going to be too high and I am scared of heights. When I first came up into my new room, it wasn't too bad. I like my new classroom, my favourite thing is the winding handle on the windows, it is cool!

Written by Charley


Hall Green is a great school with a range of different lessons and activities such as Literacy, PE and Numeracy. We do the same lessons even though we are in the new building.

Written by Connor and Jay


We are still trying to see it all! It is so big!

Written by Morgan and Fabian


I have been with Hall Green for five years, this has been the biggest and best move ever. Our new school has stairs which our other school didn't. I am now upstairs whereas in our old school all the children were down stairs.

Written by Bradley


When I first came into the new building I was shocked, it was so amazing . When our old school has been knocked down we will have a massive playground but it will be sad to see it go.

Written by Kiera


When we first came back on Tuesday I couldn’t believe how much the builders had done. Especially because last time I saw it, it had no furniture fixed in. Now we have lots of rooms and a big hall. We have nice things to eat in the dinner hall, it’s the same food we had before

Written by Naseeb and Morgan


When we came back, we were so amazed that we came in our new school.  We are really sad that our old school has to get knocked down though.

Written by Ritchie and Chenai


I was amazed at how fast the builders got it ready for us to use. It is so amazing, I could not ask for more.

Written by Conner


When I came back to school on Tuesday I felt happy because the new building was done. All the new things are good but I’m a little sad the old building will be destroyed.

Written by Devon


When I first entered the new school building it was like a paradise open to all. It was nice to see the classroom all organized and fresh with clean white walls.

Written by Becky and Leah


When I came back on Tuesday I felt two things; happy and worried. I felt like this because I knew I would finally see my friends again but I felt worried because of the new school. I felt pretty lost in the new school, it’s like a big maze in a block of learning, that’s why I miss our old school, it was simple and small. But I got used to the new school and it’s pretty good. My favourite time of school is lunch time, if you are packed lunch you get to sit on a pillow and eat on a picnic blanket in our nice clean studio, it’s awesome!

Written by Filip and Jessica


When I came back my eyes was full of excitement because I know that I am going to have some good times hear.

Written by Harry and Clayton


Coming back on Tuesday to our new school, we felt nervous and a bit confused. The building may be new, but it's still Hall Green except upgraded. We felt lost at first but over the past few days we've got used to it, and it's got lots of new things such as two new studios.

Written by Shemaiah and Keeley


Thursday 21st January

For the first couple days we were all nervous but now we love this school. When we were doing Literacy our teacher, Mr Cotterill showed us… you won’t believe this…LIGHT DIMMERS… THEY ARE SO EPIC! It is depressing that the old school is going to get knocked over though.

Written by Jayden


HOW INCREDIBLE IS THIS NEW BUILDING? Here in this new building there is many things to do, it is amazing. However you need to stick to the rules (they aren’t that boring).No touching the walls, you also have to do the Hall Green Shuffle and have fun! No matter what, we will never forget the memories we had in that old building, we had a lot of fun. Although we have Hall Green part 2, the best school in the Midlands. All lessons are entertaining and all dinners are delicious.

Written By Amani 


I’m miss the ICT room because I use to go to that room for ICT, it was my favourite room and lesson, I also miss the sunshine room because we used to go there to talk about our feelings and emotions.

Written by Devon


Our new building is different to our old building in many special ways, because we have brand new rules that we have to stick too. The most difficult one is the absolutely NO touching the walls, if you do, the consequence is clean the wall yourself (I’m not sure if Miss Heng is joking about this or not!).

The old building is special in many ways however this school is an upgrade to the old school, it feels more organised and comfortable but we are still Hall Green. I miss the old school halls because we only have one hall here. In the old school we had two but in the new school hall we have a projector and no interactive whiteboard, just the projector on the wall.

By Brodie and Morgan


I miss the size of the old school building.  Hall Green (the original building) will always be the real heart of the school for many past students. When it gets knocked down the school will crumble but there will always be the spirit still alive. By the spirit I mean fun, laughter and friends. I can’t name them all but there are millions of things I could compliment about the school but I won’t do that because it would take me days and days and days. Hall Green lives on!

Written by Jay


Hall Green? Where do we begin…  We miss all the amazing memories, like all of our Christmas parties, school discos and our two halls but the new one is cool too. We also miss our old class room, the climbing wall, the trim trail and the brilliant school plays. I heard a rumour that the arena will be part of our new building next year, I hope so!

Written by Beth and Kiera  


For the first couple days we were feeling anxious but… We adore this school. We have #Epiclessons.

Written by Kenzie


The great, old school was a memorable building was a shame that it will get knocked down soon. I had lots of memories. The funniest one is when I spelled “and” wrong! The new building is a fresh, clean, marvellous school I love it in the new one now. In the morning before register we play education games on the DS’.


Written by Ellie and Gurpreet


Here we are, 3 weeks without the old school building and we miss it dearly. Yet all of us are happy like always. Hall Green was our home, our community, but it is going to be knocked down in a few weeks, we will be so lonely without our old friend. We have moved our joyful spirits to our new school and this will be our new friend but most of all we will never forget that Hall Green is still our home and we will have it forever in our hearts and in our minds. In our new building we are having so much fun and lots of new memories are appearing. Our school is full of nice friendly children and some that are really helpful. We are exploring new adventures and trying hard on our work. If you become a new school teacher at Hall Green, watch out for our super stars!

Written by Rebecca


This school is amazing and massive and you get to do fun lessons. I like the school because our class is up the stairs and we have four windows and it has good views. When it’s break time you will see a massive playground, it looks like  100,000 people can fit there.

Written by Rahim and Tanveer


Here we are 3 weeks in the new building! Are we Hall Green or is the old building Hall Green? Well when we were in the old building in Year 3 Mr Cotterill fell of a chair because he was swinging about on it, memories like that are priceless. We are all still happy as always though, we all have our odd ups and downs but we are going to miss our best, old school because it’s going to be knocked down in a couple weeks. In our new building we all love it, it has mind-blowing classrooms, clean toilets (I wonder how long that is going to last), a massive hall. We have P.E. in hall and we also have assemblies in the hall. We now have Miss Heng’s office downstairs and Mrs Gilbert’s upstairs.

Written by Pria


What we miss about the old building is old memories of all the after school clubs we had, and the good times we had as a school. Also our old class mates that moved to another school like Olivia, Delicia, Georgina, Sara, Leonie and Sophie

Written by Keeley and Shemaiah


I really miss our old school because it has some wonderful memories. I grew up here and Filip was at the old school for just under 4 years. We are really sad that it is getting knocked down in under a week, I am going to be really sad when it’s gone. In our new school there are only a few things the same; our teachers are the same as before and most of the things we have in our class are the same.

Written by Jess and Filip


Here we are in our new school, it’s been 3 weeks so far. Our old school is going to be knocked down which is very sad and unbelievable. But it is good that everything is brand new

Written by Chenai and Blessing


The new school is so awesome but I miss the old school so much. But the new Hall Green spirit is in the fantastic, new school. It is all full with excitement and friends and there are lots of fun activities.

Written by Clayton and Harry


We have moved into our new school building, it is very nice and we have bigger classrooms. Our school is bright orange and white also we have a massive hall with exit doors. We eat in the studio if you bring your own pack lunch, you eat in the hall if you are school dinners. The classrooms have bigger whiteboards.

Written by Daniel and Owen